Warrior Warbirds

Warbird Adventure Flights

Warbirds are historic ex-military aircraft that are now preseved and flown in civilian life. Adventure Flights give people the opportunity to experience, through every sense, the thrill of flight in a unique aircraft that is usually the domain of a privileged few.

The views are spectacular, but you won't just be seeing the incredible world perspective that being airborne offers. Warbirds give you more! The smell of oil and engine smoke as the 10 litre radial motor roars to life. The whooshing sound of the pneumatic air system as it retracts the landing gear after take-off. The steady thump of the engine reassuring you of its reliable power. The exhilarating feeling of g-forces of up to 4 times normal at the bottom of a loop, to momentary weightlessness at the top of a stall turn.

A flight with Warrior Warbirds will excite all the senses and leave you with an experience you will remember forever.