Warrior Warbirds

Warbird Adventure Flights

Before you fly there're some things you should know first...


The minimum age for a passenger is 12. Any passngers aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied at check-in and pre flight briefing by a responsible adult.


The maximum passenger weight is 130 kg.


You need to notify us of any medical conditions that might compromise your safety. This could include pregnancy, heart problems, medicated hypertension, hypotension, neck or spinal injuries, and other similar problems. It won't necessarily preclude you from flying with us, but some aspects of the flight may need to be changed. If you are suffering from ear or sinus ailments, like a cold for example, it is recommended you don't fly.

Drugs & Alcohol

It is illegal to travel on any Australian aircraft while intoxicated. Additionally, being hung-over makes people very suseptable to motion sickness and is not recommended on our flights.

Clothing & Footware

Enclosed shoes are required and high heeled pumps are not allowed. Being comfortable is key, so flat-soled shoes and loose fitting clothing are recommended. A 5 point harness secures you to your seat, so dresses and skirts should be avoided to allow for the harness strap that passes between your legs. You will have the option of wearing a flying suit over your clothes so avoid bulky clothing. A headset will be provided to reduce noise exposure and so you can communicate easily with your pilot.

Food & Drink

Ensure you're not dehydrated and try to have a light meal before your flight, this will reduce your chances of motion sickness.