Warrior Warbirds

Warbird Adventure Flights


Short Adventure Flight Experience

$290 / 1 hour

The Short Adventure Flight Experience starts at the passenger terminal where you are greeted by your Pilot followed by a pre-flight briefing and suiting up into an airforce flight suit.  Then it's out onto the tarmac to familiarise yourself with the plane and take some photos. After starting the engine and taxi out to the runway the Short Adventure Flight will give you 15 minute flight time. That's enough time to climb straight up to 4000 feet for an exciting aerobatic routine including a loop, barrel roll, and stall turn; then descend back to the airport for a landing.

Premium Adventure Flight Experience

$500 / 1.5 hours

Our Premium Adventure Flight features best value for money with a flight duration of at least 30 minutes. This offers the flexibility to tailor a flight profile for meet passenger desires. After meeting your pilot for a pre-flight brief, suiting up into an airforce flight suit, and taking some photos with he plane on the tarmac; typical Premium flight would include a departure from Dubbo airport overflying the City and the Zoo, then descending down to low level and following the twists and bends of the Macquarie River, followed by a climb up to 4000 feet for aerobatics including loops, barrel rolls, and stall turns. During the pre-flight briefing passenger and pilot together will construct a flight plan that is unique and takes full advantage time aloft.

The Aviator Package

$680 / 1.5 hours

The Aviator Package has it all! Included is:

  • A 1.5 hour Premium Adventure Flight Experience, customised to the individual passenger.
  • Full HD cockpit footage of the entire flight on USB (normally $100).
  • A Warrior Warbirds hat (normally $30).
  • $50 discount card off a subsequent Premium Flight for family or friends (or if you would like to fly again).
  • Plus a bottle of Aviaton Gin with stainless steel cocktail shaker.

This package represents $780 value for $680.